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Have our professional graphic artists begin a custom logo design for your cleaning company!

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Custom Logo Design by Professional & Creative Logo Designers for Startups and Established Cleaning Businesses

We are a team of professional, expert logo designers. We offer customized and high-quality design services at affordable prices.

Be unique! Let customers know who you are and what you offer by creating an image that lives in customers' hearts and minds. Your image should convey the values, character, and essence of your cleaning company. Share who you are on your website, social channels, and face-to-face. Become the neighborhood standout, and you'll soon be the new talk of the town.

We don't just create cleaning company logos-they are our specialty.

At we understand your cleaning business. This allows us to tailor your logo designs to meet not only your business needs, it lets us create that perfect logo image you have spent so much time envisioning! Be unique! Creating company logos that separates you from the rest is what our graphic artists do best!

When you select our graphic designers to create your company image- you have a say throughout the entire process. Put quite simply, you are the BOSS!

We will present you with five to ten professional logo design concepts to choose from. You pick what you like or ask for revisions to any that are 'almost there'. And if by chance none are appealing- simply instruct your designer, and back to the drawing board they go. And all this before you have given us a cent of your hard earned money.

Order Your Logo Design today!

How Our Logo Designing Service Compares

If you have spent much time looking for an expert logo designer, chances are you found that they expected to be paid up front...before the logo is designed. They expect you to pay for the logo before it is designed. (??)

So, what happens if you don't like what they produce for you? You pay for something you don't want to use for your company? And if they limit the number of revisions that means you pay extra when they aren't conceptualizing your ideas?

We don't do that here

You pay nothing until we match you with that 'just perfect', 'yeah that's it' image for your cleaning business.
Our Graphic artists are logo designing pros! Affordable custom logo design services with unlimited redraws and revisions, completely unique to you.

Get a unique to you logo designed for your cleaning business by our professional expert designers.

What are you waiting for- our logo design process don't cost a thing to get started, simply complete our brief logo design questionnaire and within three business days your logo concepts will be presented for your critiquing.

Tell Our Artists To Start Drawing & Designing!!

  • Our cleaning business logos are original images and become your licensed property. We don't resell or mass produce images we create for and sell to you.

  • Our logo package are designed to meet the needs of your cleaning company no matter what level your business is at.

  • You select and pay for your logo ONLY when you are ready

  • Revisions (redraws) are unlimited

  • You receive support and resources for you to be able to use your logo for marketing and can recommend shirt shops, sign companies, etc. etc.

  • You can use our optional printing services and save time having to visit local print shops.

  • Check out our business card printing prices.

Remember you pay nothing until we fit you with the perfect logo design!

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If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 219 797 2174

Let us know if you have any questions that have not been answered on our site.

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We make new companies appear more established and established companies to shine above their competition!

Professional Creative Logo Designs- our expert logo design portfolio with logo design concepts displayed




Logo Template Designs in Poor Taste

When designing company logos that will put your best foot forward in your market niche, it may be all-too-tempting to go with the expedient use of a template logo design that is readily available via the Internet. These cookie cutter template logos have one big thing in common that must be considered - they are available to any and all businesses at the same cost - and they are sold over and over again. Whether you are selling residential cleaning services or commercial carpet cleaning - if you want a certain template, it is yours to do with as you please. Templates logos are a bad idea, and (depending on the locale of your target audience) can be quite embarrassing to use!

A template for a logo. What a fabulously bizarre idea. A logo is supposed to be original, and unique! An image that has been created for your cleaning company, service or product in mind. It is supposed to appeal to your customers. Reflect your business philosophies.

A custom logo is usually born out of a sometimes-difficult logo design process that takes place between you and your designer. The give and take between design integrity and market practicalities.

Or you can pick a so-called pre-made logo, a template, where you select an existing icon, add your company name and you’re all set. All for pennies on the dollar. Of course, the very logo template that you’re using can also be picked by an infinite number of other companies, all of who will also use it as their logos.

The Number One BAD Idea

If you’re tempted to use clip art in your logo, here’s a word of advice. Don’t. And yes, that includes so-called template sites and online ‘logo generators’. You pick from a catalog of logo templates clip art and add your text and download your new logo all in a matter of minutes.

These logo designing template sites, (and there are pages of these logo template sites now availble)  can call their pre-fab logos quality logos if they want – it’s still clip- art. Clip art is a ruthlessly bad idea to use in designing logos. There’s many reasons why clip-art is a bad idea– this is the most important reason – a logo is supposed to be unique. That alone should steer you away from thoughts of adding that nifty pre-fab clip-art icon to your company logo design. Once you incorporate clip-art into your logo, your piece of visual identity is no longer unique.

Regardless, changing the size of clip-art doesn’t make it unique. Neither does changing the color, or flipping, stretching, hiding a piece of it behind other layers of artwork. Turning it on an angle won't justify or adding a swoosh. If your logo image is the same as someone else’s, which is inevitable when you use clip-art you have defeated the purpose of having a 'unique to you' logo designed in the first place. Better to have no logo and build your company by word-of-mouth than have a company logo that someone else, and in many cases more than one is using that same exact clip-art image. Sure, the company name may be different, fonts and colors may vary...

You might pick a pre-designed logo that no-one else has selected 'yet', but that’s a long shot at best. If you found it, so will someone else. Now, having said that here’s how you can use clip art. To get ideas. You may like the idea portrayed in something you’ve seen, nothing to stop you from using that as a starting point in developing your custom design.

Unlike logos designed from designing templates-

Full ownership rights. The final logo designed unique to you from designers is your copyright and yours to do with as you wish as soon as you receive your final package. We will not resell, nor reproduce your company logo image.

Should you trademark your brand name or company logo design?

Basic Facts About Trademarks: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later

We are team of professional, expert logo designers. We offer customized and high-quality design services at affordable prices. We also offer a variety of design services including company logo designing, web site designing, business card designing, including flyer, and brochure designing. We provide unlimited revisions with great customer service and 100% original, unique to you designs!

It's free to start! What are you waiting for? Your designer works with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Have any questions? Call and speak to us directly at 219-797-2174 between 8AM-5PM Central.

No templates are ever used, and we don't use clipart!